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Background: Retail jewelry stores, traditionally has been managed with a level of trust and manual processes whether engaging a customer, managing the store or the cash counter. Automation has been attempted only in the area of security (viz. surveillance as a back up measure). Assets that include high value jewelry is still managed and maintained using trained, trusted personnel employed at the store. Individual one off store or a chain of retail stores is still managed locally at the store level, with no real time visibility of inventory or sale across locations. Significant amount of business hours is lost for Physical Inventory of the jewelry at each location.

Business Issues

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  • The Retail Jewellery industry works on a paper based system or with some kind of point solution
  • Low cost software does not address all the business needs. There are times when a Retail Store ends up using multiple solution for multiple functions (Jewellery Management, Point of Sale, Accounting etc) that do not talk to each other and do not provide realtime information for making key business decisions
  • Often times business process is not seamless and involves lots or manual tasks posing serious constraints in achieving key business goals
  • Industry is suffering from lack of any credible solution in the market place that can
    • Facilitate Operational efficiency
    • Provide real time inventory data, including inventory across stores, vendors (for repairs) and avoid thefts or shop lifting
    • Allow inventory tracking with STATUS management
    • Facilitate quick , efficient but accurate Physical Inventory (this is a very tedious process and impacts business since there can not be any business conducted when Physical Inventory is going on).

Business Benefits

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9ciphers' Suraksha solution has the following benefits:

  • Shorten Jewelry Inventory Cycle
    • Suraksha's multiple identification detection system shortens inventory cycle time on average between 60% - 70%. This translates into tremendous cost advantage over manual accounting process or semi automated systems such as bar-coding technology.
  • Heighten Security
    • Displaced and missing jewelry pieces are more likely to be found. Systems like "Suraksha" adopts an early detection approach to the problem. With this solution, jewelry items can be monitored real time against theft and accidental misplacements. An important advantage to real-time monitoring is it enhances security to guard against internal and external theft scenarios. ornaments find it difficult to know the exact stock of the jewelry in their stores, as the current process is manual and time consuming. The need of these stores is thus a system.
  • Suraksha offers unique possibilities to the challenges facing the jewelry industry.
    • One web based companywide system that provides real time consolidated data across multiple locations
    • Supports best business practices during the Supply Chain
    • Provides role based secure access to the system by authorized users
    • Provides automatic inventory tracking and Physical Inventory
    • Easy to learn and use
    • Phased deployment possible, Multiple licensing models

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