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Solutions Overview

If you are cab, taxi, limousine, shuttle or tour bus operator serving the US or Indian market, OnDemand Limo is perfectly designed to help you grow your business and make it more profitable. ODL is offered in four different versions to match your company size and status (startup or big business). These versions enable you to scale your business to the next level, seamlessly.

ODL is feature rich offering key benefits to your end customers, corporations you are doing business with ; your back office staff; your management and your business partners. The solution provides online tools, real-time visibility and access (push and on-demand mode) through the Reservation to Pay cycle. Advanced capabilities include fleet integration, mobile integration and a global (multi country, company, language, currency) solution. It is easy to learn and use and with minimal to no Information Technology (IT) set-up at your company. The solution is cost effective, easy to sign up and start backed by a team of quick response experts from OnDemand Limo. More

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If you are managing a traditional retail jewelry store with a team of trusted employees some of whom might be third or fourth generation, Suraksha is specifically designed for you. This solution will provide real-time physical inventory with minimal business down-time, enhanced security and online visibility to store inventory. Additionally , it expedites the Point of Sale transactions to close a sale. Your employees get more quality time with their family while you get real peace of mind with real-time status of all locations centrally, at the beginning and close of each business day.

Suraksha is the web based Automatic Inventory tracking solution that can support the enterprise (store) to conduct its business seamlessly .This solution has core enterprise solution, Automatic ID and mobile components. It is part of a larger solution that can support all processes from Purchasing, Point of Sales, Finance over and above the industry reports

Suraksha helps increase data visibility and accuracy , enhance security and increase profitability More

Companies big or small, use Project Management tools all the time. It may be in the form of scribble pads , excel sheets or more advanced tools like Microsoft Project or Primaveera. PMO is an important function in any company to ensure projects are tracked ,monitored and managed effectively to avoid cost over-runs and business losses.

If you are investing a lot in one or all of the above and still not satisfied with the end results; if you do not get visibility / control across projects; if you need more effective tools to proactively manage these projects/resources/costs/budgets Platypus is the tool you are missing in your company.

Platypus is a Cross Project Reporting Engine (CPRE) that extracts data on pre-defined metrics across multiple projects, on demand or as regular notifications. Platypus connects to proven project management tools in the marketplace and is available as a desktop, web enabled or smart phone-devices driven solution. If the features described here interests you , please give us a call or More

ezCost® is a web-based, configurable, enterprise application for Construction Project Cost Estimation and Controlling. ezCost® is developed by leveraging leading edge technology components from 9ciphers’ proprietary Global Business Management (ERP) platform. The solution is configurable, workflow driven, supports the next-gen business processes for managing the complex aspects of construction project cost estimation and controlling. The solution is scalable from a local , in-house single instance installation to a global instance deployed on the cloud to support multiple regions, languages.

ezCost® is developed with expert advice from a panel of industry experts, to provide a seamless integration with other legacy applications. It is designed to render a single version of truth and incredible User Experience (UE) for users at all levels, across cross-functional teams like Project Management, Architects and Engineers, Construction Management, Change Order Unit, Cost Estimation as well as the executive management. Using secure role based access; the solution is accessible over the web by authorized external teams like the General Contractor.

Modular Approach

ezCost® is developed using the latest technology available in the marketplace, to integrate the individual applications by an enterprise bus and web services. This modular design results in lower Total Cost of Ownership achieved through quick configuration, setup of the system; efficient master data maintenance; integration with legacy systems; smooth upgrades and excellent system performance as the system scales up with business.

Industry Standards

ezCost® is developed with a view to automate as many standardized repetitive processes as possible by leveraging current industry AEC - CSI standards like Uniformat, MasterFormat and Omniclass (OCSS) to enable consistency in data definition and structures. Portions of the above library or definitions come pre-loaded with ezCost® standard installation. System supports quick enhancement or additions of these definitions to meet individual client needs as it is an important aspect in achieving efficiencies and cost reductions in the cost estimation process

Please email us at info@9ciphers.com for a detailed product brochure. More

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