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International Trading

  • Stay tuned… 9ciphers is engaged as International Trading Consultants in advanced negotiations with several Buyers and Suppliers in the following industry sector. 

    A. Oil, Gas and Petroleum Products, D2, D6 , JET Fuels, BLCO, BASE Oil, Bitumen.

    B. Clinker, Lime Stones, Gypsum, Sulphur from Middle East.

    C. General Commodities.. Copper, Sugar, Cashew Nuts

    D. Organic Fertilizers and Chemical Fertilizers including Urea, DAP,  Complex NPK, Ammonia etc. from Middle East, Morocco and  Russian Origin.

    E. Precious Metals Including Durra Bars , International Hall Mark Bullion, Gold and Silver.

  • The website will be updated soon as the details evolve through these negotiations. In case of serious inquiries, please do not hesitate to email rskumar@9ciphers.com

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