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Strategy Consulting

Search Engine Optimization

Evolutions in technology and Social Media is making the world a smaller place and business environment more complex. Customers are well informed, have multiple options and demand higher value for money. Companies are expected to respond quickly and effectively to fast changing business situations. Rising costs of operations drives operational efficiencies while companies need to stay ahead of competition to survive. Companies constantly seek answers to short term and long term issues like

  • How to retain market share and grow business with minimal additional investments ?
  • How to improve the business process to bring in operational efficiencies ?
  • What is the right technology and investment to bring economies of scale ?
  • Should a particular function be in-sourced or out-sourced ?

Answers to such questions are not necessarily found in textbooks or schools. Customers expect simple but proven solutions to such complex problems that does not put their business at risk. The expectation is for consultants to provide practical, feasible, quick to implement solutions with minimal disruption to their business. These initiatives are expected to be self-funding with assured return on investments.

It is at this point 9ciphers professionals across different Centers of Excellence provide best value for money, for our clients.

Technology Consulting

Internet, Smartphones and Mobile applications have pushed the boundaries of enterprise integration beyond the four walls of a business location. Most companies have integrated their core business functions. Huge investments have been made to implement some advanced solutions. Companies are looking for return on investments already made. Questions such as

  • How to evaluate new technologies and assess benefits to business ?
  • What technologies would help companies achieve competitive advantage ?
  • What applications help drive operational efficiencies ?
  • What tools are available in the marketplace to help integrate their field force ?

9ciphers competency leads will engage the client from solutioning, estimating, managing, deploying, administering and providing technical support for different types of applications. These applications could be ERP solutions from leading vendors or custom applications developed by local vendors in the market place. Customers benefit from the rich experience of 9ciphers experts across the full life cycle management (implement, deploy, upgrade and support) of different technology solutions available in the marketplace. We are a phone call away to help you make informed decisions and achieve shared organizational goals.

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