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If you are looking for help in solving strategic or core business issues, we are here to help you. Engage our team of experts without any delay. We leverage our deep industry experience and proven track record to understand your business challenges and offer quick solutions. Solutions (strategic or IT) offered will be relevant, proven, cost effective and fitting your timeline.


Your search for external help with Professional Services ends here. We offer a range of value added services that fits your strategic or tactical needs. Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) would partner with you to provide staff augmentation services or managed services addressing business process or IT needs. Please invest 10mins to engage our team of experts to understand our key differentiators.


We take pride in incubating lots of innovative solutions to address critical business issues affecting the unorganized sector. These businesses form the backbone of any economy and impact the daily lives of a common man. Solution architects from our solutions lab are extensively involved in conceptualization, design, development and pilot implementations of these cost effective solutions.

Welcome to 9ciphers

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9ciphers was founded by a global team of subject matter experts (SME) with deep business and technical knowledge across different domains. As trusted advisors to small, medium and large corporations worldwide our current focus has been on the areas that havesignificant impact on the daily lives of people. Aided by best practices, tools and templates these experts offer highly customized services to suit individual client needs within the Transportation, Education, Retail and Health Sciences sector.

Using a collaborative engagement model, the team can offer simple solutions for complex business problems. These solutions help customers grow their business while increasing revenue, profits and reducing costs. By leveraging technology (ERP, Mobile, RFID) as an enabler our value based services help clients understand the Return on Investment (ROI) prior to embarking on any project with 9ciphers.

Latest News

  • September 2020
    9ciphers is now expanding its role as International Trading Consultants in the field of General Commodities ..Sugar, Cashew Nuts
  • July 2020
    9ciphers is in negotiations with potential buyers and sellers dealing with Organic Fertilizers and Chemical Fertilizers including Urea, DAP,  Complex NPK, Ammonia etc. from Middle East, Morocco and  Russian Origin.
  • March 2020
    9ciphers has brought on board Industry and Domain experts with decades of experience , to have specialized focus in International Trading as Consultants in the business of Precious Metals Including Durra Bars , International Hall Mark Bullion, Gold and Silver.
  • Feb 2020
    9ciphers is now expanding its role as International Trading Consultants in the field of Oil,  Gas and Petroleum Products, D2, D6 , JET Fuels, BLCO, Bitumen 
  • January 2020
    9ciphers have been engaged as Consultants with large trade deals in Clinker, Lime Stones, Gypsum, Suphur from Middle East.

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